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From a young age I've enjoyed creating things with my hands. As a little boy I started carrying and making knives out of anything I could find.  After years behind a desk at my day job, I was eager to create something tangible and in 2009 I began researching how to make knives.  After months of reading and watching videos in 2010 I purchased a belt sander and began burning my fingers on hot steel.  My third knife was a commissioned piece and great customers have kept me busy since.



The logo: Alectoris chukar


In 2004 I got my first dog, a Deutsch Drahthaar, and together we started chasing upland birds.  Chukar quickly became my favorite pastime.  As my family grew, career changed, and my access to chukar hunting became more difficult we didn't get after them as much.  Knife making has become my new pastime replacing regular chukar chasing.  Thus the homage to my feathered nemesis in my logo.



I warranty my knives as long as they are used as a knife and given reasonable care and maintenance by the user. Natural scales are not warranted for shrinking, swelling, cracking etc. and each warranty issue will be dealt with on a case by case basis.



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